Hola y bienvenido a “Funding Friday”! Hello and welcome to Funding Friday!

I think we can all agree that school is ridiculously expensive. I swear I’ve had countless times where I wanted to go up to the school board and quote Kevin Hart and say, “See, I would but you see, the way my bank account is set up, I’ve got a checking and a savings…” And, as hard as my parents have worked to provide my sister and I a brighter future, financing school without breaking a sweat was and still is crazy far from arms’ reach.

As the first college student in my immediate family, I had absolutely no idea how to get financial aid! I struggled to learn how to apply for a FAFSA every year. I had no idea what opportunities for free money were out there for me and I had no idea how to even apply for them. In fact, to this day I make bitter jokes about the fact that I qualified for a Pell Grant with my GPA each year during my undergraduate degree but I never applied!!!! Why? Because I didn’t know about it. When I found out about it, it was too late. 

Another common thought for people is: “Well, I’m not going to win the award. So many people are probably going to apply for it, there’s no way they’d pick me!” First, PUH-LEASE erase that thought from your mind! I once had someone tell me, “We had a grant available, ya know, FREE MONEY, that would be awarded to three students. Guess how many students applied for it? Three. Just THREE. You know what that means? THEY ALL WON BY DEFAULT.” Just my 2-cents…

I truly want to help you in your journey in any way I can so I decided to share with you funding opportunities that may help you. These opportunities are for undergraduates and graduate students. I will continue to post more funding opportunities on Fridays as time progresses. Please feel free to share, subscribe, and hashtag #LivingThePhDream !


NOTE: Scroll half way down the website page for the list of opportunities!! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.21.16 PM


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